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Hy-Lok USA, Inc. This innovation relates generally to hydraulic hose fittings. Once the nut is tightened onto the fitting body, the -ring is compressed between your fitting body plus the flat face regarding the brazed sleeve (or flanged tube end) to make a taut, good seal. This -ring is compressed against the flat face for the female fitting for a drip evidence connection.

Orfs fittings are suited to any range of tube wall surface thickness and are usually effortlessly adaptable for use alongside metric pipe or hose. Fixtures for tubing bigger than 1-in. -ring employer fittings chair an -ring between threads and wrench flats around the OD for the male 1 / 2 of the connector, Figure 4. A leak-tight seal is created against a machined chair regarding the female port.

The FFOR fitting forms a seal between a set, finished surface regarding female half and an -ring held in a recessed circular groove inside male half, Figure 5. Turning a captive threaded nut in the feminine half draws the 2 halves together and compresses the -ring. However, those details particular to creating joinder portion 12 of -ring seal flat face suitable 10 of present invention follow.

An elastomeric -ring rests in a groove on a flange and mates with an appartment surface on a port – an arrangement like the FFOR fitting. Seepage around threads can be expected when pipeline fixtures KP-LOK O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) Fittings are used in high-pressure hydraulic systems. Upon connection, the nut is threaded throughout the outside threads for the male part.

The -ring of the fitting is situated in an indented -ring groove regarding fitting’s flat face. An additional kind of female part of -ring face seal fitting, a sleeve which include an appartment end face is brazed, welded or perhaps affixed to the end of tube. Start to see the -Rings and Seals part for informative data on replacement ORFS -rings.

However, it is unavoidable that connections must be broken to permit servicing or replacing components, so detachable fittings are absolutely essential for many nevertheless the most specialized hydraulic systems. Once the pipe nut tightens, the ferrule wedges involving the fitting human body and tube. These fittings are meant for general application and hydraulic systems on commercial gear and commercial items, in which elastomeric seals are appropriate to overcome leakage and variations in assembly procedures.

Due to the fact nut is tightened on the fitting body, the trap seal is compressed between the human anatomy and flat face of the pipe flange or braze sleeve to make a super taut, good seal. Fixtures with -ring seals offer several benefits over metal-to-metal fittings. Swagelok® VCO® -ring face seal fittings are designed for quick installation in pipe, pipe, and welded systems.

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